Create APA™ Format Document Using Microsoft Word

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to set up your APA™ format document using Word 2013. Whether you want to just download the template and go or if you want to follow step-by-step directions I got you covered! This can be done with any of the 3 methods covered below:

Method 1: Just download template pre-configured:
  1. Download APA™ format template (.docx)
  2. Open the document with Word 2013 and begin writing your essay.

Method 2: Use Word’s built-in template:
  1. Open Word 2013

 Type “apa” into the search box. This will display a template that is provided by Microsoft for you to use freely.

How To Create APA Format Document Image #1

3. Click on the first template named “APA™ style report (6th edition)”.

How To Create APA Format Document Image #2

4. Make sure to File –> “Save As” to save the document to your computer.

5. Begin writing your essay. Most of the pages on this document are useless for most students so please consult your instructor about what he/she requires of you. For example, I was only required to use the Title page, essay body, and references page. Others want an “Abstract” page. Know what is required ahead of time so you set yourself for success!

Method 3: Slow and inconvenient way.

1. Open Word 2013 to a blank document.

2. Type the essay title, your name, name of the class, essay due date, and instructor’s name.

How To Create APA Format Document Image #3

3. Select all text in your document with the mouse or by pressing Ctrl+A. Now that the text is selected we need to set the proper font settings. Change the font to “Times New Roman” and the font size needs to be “12”.

4. With the text still selected, open the paragraph settings (see screenshot where to click).

How To Create APA Format Document Image #4

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