Prayer Request Notes

Elevate your prayer experience with Prayer Request Notes, the ultimate tool for fostering a deeper connection through prayer. This app goes beyond personal prayer tracking; it’s designed to encourage and engage others in the power of prayer. Whether you’re a church leader, a group organizer, a family member, or a friend, it’s the ideal solution for efficiently managing and sharing prayer lists.


  • Effortlessly create and organize individual prayers.
  • Seamlessly manage prayers within groups.
  • Export individual and group prayer lists in .txt and .csv formats.
  • Share prayer lists or store them directly on your device.
  • Access the Request Prayers feature, a completely free service within the app with no limitations.
  • Utilize the Prayer Timer for focused prayer sessions.
  • Explore insightful scriptures on prayer.
  • Operate without the need for an internet connection.
  • Experience an ad-free environment.
  • Rest easy knowing that no app analytics are in play.

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