Jot Pronto

Jot Pronto is a simple plain text & code editor. The app was built with speed in mind.

Elevate your note-taking experience with Jot Pronto Notepad, the ultimate tool for capturing your thoughts on the go. Whether it’s a brilliant idea, a to-do list, or a sudden burst of inspiration, Jot Pronto ensures you never miss a beat.


  1. Persistent “Always on Top” mode ensures the app remains visible above other windows, enabling seamless multitasking while jotting down notes.
  2. Effortlessly place Jot Pronto on the left, right, top, bottom, or center of your screen.
  3. Select from 9 vibrant colored themes. Choose from one of the following: -Bear Brown -Dim Gray -Ghost White -Magic Mint -Outrageous Orange -Pacific Blue -Pink Flamingo -Pitch Black -Royal Purple
  4. The app automatically preserves your chosen window position, size, theme, font settings (including name, size, and color), and “Always on Top” preference, ensuring they are retained each time you reopen the app.


  1. Plain Text (.txt).
  2. CSS.
  3. C++ Source.
  4. C++ Header.
  5. C#.
  6. Data File.
  7. Gradle.
  8. Java.
  9. Javascript.
  10. JSON.
  11. JSP.
  12. Log File.
  13. HTML.
  14. Objective-C Source.
  15. Objective-C Header.
  16. PHP.
  17. Script.
  18. SQL.
  19. SQLite.
  20. Swift.
  21. XML.

Download Jot Pronto Notepad now and revolutionize the way you capture ideas, tasks, and inspirations. Streamline your note-taking process and never let a brilliant thought slip away again.