Poop Diary Tracker

Poop Diary Tracker helps you monitor and identify any potential health concerns. You can easily share daily, weekly, and monthly reports with your doctor if needed to.

This app can be used for health purposes and also by adding some humor among friends. Take Poop Selfies and share your reports. Earn badge rewards and more!


1. Log your daily poop activity. Including size, type, selfie if want, color, and notes.
2. Create printable daily, weekly, and monthly reports. These are useful if one needs to identify patterns and show them to doctors.
3. Change up to 7 different app icon designs.
4. Color themes, change the color of the calendar and event icons.
5. All data is saved on your device.
6. Create a detailed history of your poop activity such as how long it takes, color, shape, size, a list of poop symptoms, and take poop
selfies, and notes.
7. Get rewarded inside the app for your poop activity. Share your new rewards among friends, on social media, or keep them to yourself.
8. Display Monthly Stats of your poop counts, the time you spent on the toilet, the number of poop entries shared, and bloody stools.

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