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Hey you, welcome! My name is Jonathan Gillman. My App Journey started in 2012 when I purchased the HTC Dream aka T-mobile G1 smartphone. This was the first Android phone that I owned at the time. It wasn’t after a few days that I thought of creating apps for the Google Play Store. I self-taught myself how to create apps using native code. The first app I ever created was a “Death Clock”. This idea is silly, a fictional or sometimes satirical concept that’s been used in popular websites back then. I remember when I first made my first $1 from the app. It gave me the impression that making money as an independent app developer is possible.

Over time I eventually gained more sales but deleted that app and created more valuable apps, some have failed but others still have hundreds of thousands of downloads. It wasn’t until I purchased my first iPhone and my goodness. Releasing my apps on Apple’s ecosystem was and still is to this day, a blessing.

My apps help students generate in-text citations and references for essays, sparking ideas for writing thesis statements, real estate investing, personal finance, and some automation tools. I have others in the works in different niches coming soon as well.

The fun comes from drawing out my app ideas and building them in native programming languages from iOS, ipadOS, macOS, and Win10/11. The added revenue is a plus. I get a kick when receiving fan mail on how my apps have helped students through college. So, keep them coming and please rate my apps. It seems only the negativity gains attention but if everyone saw schools are using my apps and recommending them to successful stories it would gain a lot more downloads.

UPDATE: I have some sad news to share, due to the many new policies (you can thank Europe for this), Google revealing developers home address to the public, and the many changes developers must adapt on Google’s Play Store every year, I have made the decision as of July 8, 2024, to shut down and discontinue support for Android apps. I thank everyone for their support over the years on the Android platform but unfortunately the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

UPDATE: The good news is, I’m still working on new versions of all my apps for Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, and the Mac App Store. New app releases are coming soon!

I’m always an email away from helping with feature requests and any issues with the apps. Just let me know how I can help.

Cheers, to many more years!