Are you experiencing burnout? What is burnout exactly? 


“Did you find that you are losing passion for coding? Did you find the spark of motivation is now missing somewhere for coding? Did you find that you are overloading yourself with so many tasks but you are not achieving anything due to so much stuff? There are so many tabs open in your browser but you can’t concentrate. Well, these all symptoms are the sign of burnout in programming.” -Geeks For Geeks


I have been going through burnout lately without even realizing what it is. For whatever reason, I couldn’t focus on my projects the way I’ve done in the past. It was as if someone stole my motivation right under me. I would stare at the code and have no desire to do anything. 


After questioning what was going on, I’ve done a few techniques to hit that reset button in my own unique way. 


Detox Your Body, Mind, and Soul


Our bodies are over-consumed by heavy metals, chemicals, chemtrails, toxins, and pollen in our air and modified foods. Because of this, we need to detox it out. For whatever reason, it seems our gov wants to make humans extinct with all these poisons.


“The world is being polluted in so many ways with heavy metals, mostly due to human contamination, that it is affecting the health of so many people. All these diagnoses should go on to make us aware of the adverse effects that are being caused by these metals, the symptoms that are seen, and ways to remove some of the contamination we have from all the heavy metals.” – Science Direct


“Overall, the correlation analysis found multiple significant correlations of severity of autism and the urinary excretion of toxic metals, such that a higher body burden of toxic metals was associated with more severe autistic symptoms. The results of the regression analyses (P < .005 in all cases) indicate that variations in the severity of autism may be partially explained in terms of toxic metal body burden. However, the finding of a relationship does not establish causality.” – National Center for Biotechnology Information


Rumor has it, wild blueberries are great at removing heavy metals from brain tissue. I have personally benefited from wild blueberries but have no hard evidence to show or prove. In America, all the healthy herbs and alternative medicines are hidden from the citizens, which leads us to experiment for ourselves if it works or not. Spirulina and chlorella effectively remove heavy metals from the body; however, it upsets my stomach.


Detoxing our bodies help us think better and have more energy to follow our dreams. Is having too many toxins the cause of burnout? While it’s not the root cause of burnout, it wouldn’t hurt to detox so that the body can function better.


Remove Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) From Your House


I have been sucked into the Apple ecosystem and had to get Apple’s AirPod Pro headset. This thing is convenient. The AirPods automatically switch from listening to music on the Mac to answering my iPhone calls. I can listen to music all over my house, despite my Mac or iPhone left in another room. 


The AirPods are not like the other Bluetooth headsets I’ve used in the past, as these things have a stronger signal. A stronger signal also means higher risks for human health that we aren’t aware of.


Months after using the Apple AirPods Pro, I realized my mental focus has been more challenging, and I feel off. Several studies show how Bluetooth is not good for us, much like putting our cellular phones next to our bodies


One thing I love about Apple products is they hold it’s value better than other manufacturers. I sold my AirPods on eBay and switched to a wired Apple headset. 


This one is hard but try to eliminate as much EMF exposure as possible. Keep phones away from your body and use ethernet cables for computer internet instead of Wifi. Having too many devices can bog us down.


Get Moving, Exercise Often


Need I say more? Get off the couch and sweat. Even if you are not losing weight, sweating helps eliminate all the bad stuff from your skin.


Get Out In Nature


Leave your electronic devices at home and go out in nature. Stay in a cabin over the weekend, go for a walk, do something that excites you, and meditate to clear your mind. 


“Studies show that both adults and children who have difficulties focusing or controlling impulses are better able to concentrate after being in nature. The natural world allows our brains to take a break from all that mentally drains us, and even reduces symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).” –




Are you feeling burned out? Lack motivation? Try getting out in nature and unplug from electronics. Take a weekend off or maybe even a full week off to rewind. Help your body do its thing by detoxing heavy metals and limiting exposure to EMF’s. Get your body moving by exercising and staying active every week. 


Taking these steps should help get your mind back up and running. 

Programming is not for everyone. These organizations, such as can try to get certain types of people to code, but at the end of the day, if you are not driven enough, there isn’t enough code in the world that can save you. Programming requires a lot of mental focus, creativity, days, months, years, an extreme amount of patience, and courage to push through all the challenges that come with it. It will consume you with the ever-ending fast changes that come in this industry every single year. If you are not on your toes, then you will be obsolete in a matter of months. Surely if you have the drive to learn, then this may be an excellent fit for you. I am not saying this to scare potential programmers away, I am sharing to keep them informed of what to expect. I am an independent app developer so I handle all the issues alone. However, most people will probably have a team of coders, making life a little better. There is a no-brainer why most coders are males because of the complexity and challenges that come with it. If you do have a team, make sure they provide results, or you’ll end up doing all the work yourself, and being solo might be a better solution for you anyways. Indie coders can be more productive than a team of coders. 


“What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months.” -Fred Brooks


I wouldn’t take for granted the ability of independent developers. They can easily outperform a team of coders if they have a strong desire to do so. Your team may have the manpower, but the indie developer has perseverance.


Change your mindset


I attended a tech meetup in Austin, Texas, back in 2019 where the speaker was telling everyone not to work more than 8 hours a day at their jobs. He was more concerned about his salary than his results. I am all for this, but when it comes to coding, if you want to be the best at your craft, it will require you to work longer than 8 hours a day, my friend. We don’t achieve excellence in a mindset of a minimum wage thinker. There’s a phrase that always stuck with me when watching the Transformers movies, “No sacrifice, no victory” if things came to us easily, then what would be the joy of achieving goals or overcoming challenges? We may even lose motivation to do anything in life if such a thing occurs. We need to face some struggles before we achieve our goals. Solving problems is what drives us, men. It’s what we do.


HTML is not a programming language


Let me be clear when I talk about programming. When I refer to programming, I’m talking about native languages such as C++, Java, C#, Objective-C, Swift, etc. I am NOT talking about HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. These markup and script languages are so easy that a kid can learn blindfolded. The code boot camps that push out javascript kiddies are a joke. Hybrid software may be a faster way to get to market, but the user’s experience suffers in the end. Website applications can be laggy and result in a piece of software that won’t work under pressure. This is, of course, my opinion, as I’ve used several apps and have always uninstalled them within a minute of use. Also, please do not require me to sign up for an account before I even try your app, I will uninstall your app faster than I tapped on it to open it. 




Is programming meant for everyone? The answer to that is an absolute no. I have friends that can not even use their damn computer, let alone change the ink in the printer. These organizations may successfully teach people how to display “Hello, World” on the screen, but they have a low percentage of individuals who will thrive to the top. The ones who are good at programming are the ones who usually go out and learn it on their own. The ones who practice building their craft like a hobby. If you want to be successful, we all have to put in our blood, sweat, and tears into this. Like I said above, “No sacrifice, no victory.”


To be clear, I am at no means a better coder than anyone else. Some of my code sucks. My designs aren’t always perfect. Even experienced programmers fail. However, I am still learning every day and improving along the way. We are all human, which means mistakes happen.


The ones who succeed are the ones who put in more hours. We all need to build our craft.


“Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness” -Malcom Gladwell


If you are dedicated to putting in the hours and work to practice and learn to code, then I’d say go for it! Don’t try to do it, don’t say you will think about it, go do it and make it happen. 


Good luck!

“Your world is about to open up to you. So, embrace the excitement and accept the challenges…” -Unknown.


Ever dream of relocating? I have relocated to 10 different cities and lived in 3 other states in my lifetime. Many people tend to stay within the exact city boundaries where they grew up and won’t move away for whatever reason, and that’s okay. However, I need change, and if I cannot relocate, I often rearrange my house. My soul desires change to help energy flow and keep my creativity alive. I have always had this burning desire to be innovative, create things, plan, and perform in non-traditional ways. My writing style is different; my thinking process can seem esoteric as I have an Aquarius mind. 


“Yes, Aquarius minds think differentlyThey each think differently from each other. They think differently from the rest of us. They demonstrate originality in thought, concept and action… and it can be delightful. It can also be spectacular. It can also be baffling.”


I am mentioning this because we each have our spiritual gifts, our way of letting our energy flow. For me, moving and traveling help my energy flow, it is what keeps me feeling alive, and my creativity stays on fire. I see myself being in the Magician stereotype. I always had this knack for creating things growing up; now, I am at a stage where I can take my creative passions to a whole new level.


Benefits of Moving Away


First and foremost, for me, relocating and traveling to new places helps spark my creativity. I just relocated to Lakeside, Arizona, which is up around 6,300 elevations. It is beautiful with nature, elk, cold weather, and snow. I love the cold weather, and I’m the guy who wears a shirt and shorts despite the temperatures being 40 outside. I always say my body must have come with a heater because I can handle cold weather better than most. I do have 195 lbs of muscle and 80 lbs of body fat. I give props to my body muscle for keeping me warm. The trees and nature help clear my mind and stay open. I used to commute to visit nature, whereas now I live in a cabin surrounded by nature. Life is good!


“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.” -Diane Von Furstenberb


Moving to a foreign city will do wonders for you. You will learn more about yourself. You will be able to face your fears. See how you can handle challenges and live on your own. Starting fresh in a foreign city is a brand new start, a way to start over. There is a new environment, new friends, new coworkers. It is a second chance at life. 


After you start to meet people from different parts of the country, you should realize everyone genuinely wants to help one another. It is the different cultures, gender, religion, politics, and skin color that divide us. If you act like me and ignore all that, you can see the good in people. You start to appreciate life more and more. 


You learn from your mistakes along the way. You may fail, but that is okay. Failing means you are trying. When we were babies growing up, how many times did we fall while learning to walk? People often make fun of millionaires because of their failures. The people who laugh at other people’s failures are the ones who don’t try to do anything in life. They gave up on their dreams. They know this, which is why they have so many hateful things to say to successful individuals. After a friend gets married, one common phrase is that someone will remark, “I’ll give it five months before the divorce.” These people serve no good to us as friends, family, or to the community. The best reaction we can do towards them is simple, ignore it. Other people’s opinions of us are none of our business. It doesn’t mean it is true, doesn’t define us, and is therefore irrelevant. Failure happens throughout our lifetime, in all stages of life. Embrace it, learn the lessons, improve, and move on. Do you think failure is scary? What about the people who don’t even try at all? For me, that is scary.


You gain more wisdom by moving away. You experience life to the fullest. What more can you ask for?


Pitfalls of Living in the Same ‘Ol City


My soul desires change. Imagine what life would be like if I just stayed in the same city, the same house, for over ten years? Will, I not create software? Would I not lift a finger because I have become complacent? Energy won’t flow, creativity would be stagnant. My body would stay on autopilot as everything is familiar and everything is predictable. When life becomes too easy, too predictable, we die inside.


Can you imagine looking back at your life and realizing all you did while on earth was work and pay bills? You were chosen as one of the so many lucky souls who were granted access to earth, right? And since you were granted access, all you did was stay in the same old city all your life? What would you tell yourself after realizing that is all you did after this lifetime? Would you regret it? If so, now is the time to change. Make something of your life, my friend. It is never too late for anything. We all hold the Magician stereotype within us, we are creators, and we can change the world for the better. Most of us won’t be Elon Musk but we can at least work towards our goals of becoming great people in our own way. 




Relocating to another city or state will do wonders for you. If it is just you alone, or even with a family, do it! It will challenge you, you will get exercise moving, but it will be worth it in the end. You will have new and different experiences. I believe we came here on earth to experience life. If that is true, what better way to experience life than by moving to a new city or state throughout your life? Learn new cultures, learn new weather patterns, adjust and adapt to your new surroundings. Most importantly, enjoy your life.

To get the best views, you have to book a hotel stay at the Sky Ranch Lodge. This place is worth every penny as it will be an experience you will not forget. I chose to stay one night here because they offer a safe place to park your car, have incredible views, and are within walking distance to the infamous Airport Mesa Vortex. 


Airport Mesa Vortex


Sedona Arizona Vortex


What Is the “Vortex”?


What is the Sedona vortex?

How Does It Feel In Person?


My timing and experience with the vortex were short-lived. Although I was only in the vortex for about 30 minutes, it was enough to notice a difference in my energy. As I was climbing the rocks to get to the top, my heart was pounding faster, followed by a surge of energy that hit me like a couple of bricks. It was somewhat subtle but significant enough to notice something strange is going on. At first, it made me stop as it completely caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure if it was me getting out of breath from hiking or the vortex, or both. It had a beautiful 360 view from the top. Unfortunately, halfway to the vortex, it started raining, and by the time I reached the vortex, it was pouring rain. Here I am, in my pants, shirt, iPhone in my pocket, Apple Watch on my wrist, and no shade or cover from the rain. It is about a 15 to 20-minute hike back to my hotel. I can either enjoy the moment or head back, and both scenarios mean I’m soaked in the rain, so it didn’t matter. I decided to stay and experience it myself. I drove four hours, booked a hotel almost thirty days in advance for the cheaper rates only to arrive on a rainy day. Go figure.


What Are the Sedona Vortex Side Effects?


I didn’t feel anything until after I left the vortex and the side effects lingered for the next two days. 

  • Burning sensations on my right ear. Random times during the day for a few minutes.
  • Burning sensations on my right eye. Just felt this once the following day. 
  • Feel sluggish. Tired. I didn’t have enough energy to visit the vortex the next day before hotel checkout. There were too many people and just didn’t have it in me to go hiking again.
Anything Miraculous Happen Since Being Here?


Do you mean besides hiking while the rain was pouring down on me and walking through mud, rock, puddles, and rain runoff down the hill? I do feel a lot calmer and peaceful. Also, this could be a coincidence, but since I’ve been here, my eBay store sales have set a new record of 24 orders in one day. I had those items listed over 30 days without a sale. I received eight more sales on the second day after visiting the vortex. I also received an unexpected refund from a loan that I paid off weeks prior. Coincidence? It seems as if I was blessed just by visiting Sedona. 


The experience I had will be a moment I won’t forget. I met tourists, enjoyed the views, and took a hike in the pouring rain. I look forward to revisiting Sedona very soon again. Actually, Sedona has so many dang roundabouts that it makes wanting to return unbearable. I even saw tourists throwing up on the side of the road.