Jot Shopping List

Are you tired of bringing post-it notes to the store? Keep forgetting your list when going out? Let’s fix that!

Jot Shopping List is a simple, straight-to-point app that lets you get it done. No hassle of setting up. Just launch the app and start adding items to your grocery list.


  • Create and manage multiple grocery lists.
  • Share via e-mail text, send to your printer, create TXT or CSV file.
  • Easily see how many items are on your grocery list, the total estimated price, how much you have in your shopping cart, and how much is left.
  • Input which aisle your favorite products are in each store.
  • Launch your favorite GPS app to quickly navigate to your store(s) with a tap of a button.
  • Save your favorite products to add for future lists easily.
  • Configure custom color themes.
  • Look up local stores.
  • Jot down notes for every product if needed.
  • There are no hidden in-app purchases like our competitor, one price, and the app is yours.
  • NO analytics or ads because we believe in having privacy.

We need location permission to use our map feature. This feature allows users to search local stores where the app will collect store names and addresses. This is better than typing in the store names and addresses manually.

We do not collect any data outside of the app.

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