You Become Whom You Surround Yourself With

Are you looking to become successful? Well, the age-old saying “You become whom you surround yourself with” is a great piece of advice to keep in mind! It’s true – if you want to be rich, it pays off (literally!) to spend time with successful people. Conversely, if your goal is poverty then staying around poor people might be your best bet. 

But don’t just limit this idea of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals only when it comes to money and success; think about how the same concept can apply in other aspects as well. If education is important for example, seek out those who share similar academic goals and interests as yours so that they can help motivate and inspire each other towards greater heights!  Or maybe there are certain values or beliefs that are important for you – find friends who share those same ideals so that together you all have an even stronger sense of purpose than before.  

 Bottom line: You may not always get what (or whom) life throws at us but we do have some control over our own destiny by carefully selecting our social circles accordingly! Who knows where life will take us next…

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