Want To Use Encryption In Your App?

Great, no problem! However, the government wants to know what encryption you are using and why you are using encryption. After you submit documentation they might come after you to create a back door. Who knows.

Every time I submit a new app or update an app for Apple, I always have to answer if my apps use encryption. At times it is annoying but also concerning. Read more here.

You have to ask yourself, why would the government care what encryption I’m using unless they want backdoor access to it? Right?

This also lead me to ask to myself if this is correct, does that also mean that Apple had to provide documentation to the government regarding its own encryption within iPhones and iCloud services? If that was true then why were there disputes over them not being able to access a locked iPhone? Or was that all for a show to sell more iPhones knowing government can already gain access regardless? I’m not sure but it makes you wonder.

Question everything.