Mobile Apps and Time Management: Beating the Tension

Effective time management is one of the most valuable skills you can have as a small business owner or entrepreneur in Temple. If you struggle to find the time to meet all your needs, remember that one of the most time-consuming aspects of our lives — our smartphones — can also be used to give you more free time instead. 

Here are some ways you can use your phone to conduct your day more wisely, along with suggestions for related apps that will help you carve out more free time. 

Organize Your Projects and Tasks

Project management apps can help you to keep track of various tasks at once, allowing you to identify and prepare for issues before they arise. If you are coordinating with a small team, many apps are designed for collaboration and communication. Try Asana and Basecamp for setting tasks, assigning deadlines, and interacting with employees and clients. Alternatively, Trello features an interface that lets you visually map out the components of projects using the Kanban method. 

If you struggle with completing to-do lists, apps like Remember the Milk and Todoist are packed with helpful features to motivate you into getting everything done.

Deepen Your Focus

For more leisure time, learn how to be more productive during your working hours. Apps like Noizio and provide ambient noises and brainwave frequencies to help you get into the flow. If you are easily distracted, use Dewo or FocusMe to block access to specific websites and apps. Pomodoro technique apps like Tomato Timer offer time blocks to dedicate to one activity at a time. 


Nifty Business Shortcuts


There are many nifty apps that provide shortcuts for otherwise time-consuming or difficult tasks. To quickly scan documents with your phone, use a mobile scanning app such as CamScanner which will optimize the photo’s text and lighting and allow you to save and share it in multiple formats. 

To market your business, save time and money with photo-editing apps such as Canva, which don’t require any design skills. These tools can enhance photographs of your products using tools that quickly remove the background from an image. They also provide templates for a range of marketing graphics that you can personalize with your brand elements, allowing you to create professional designs which you can print to attract a local audience in Temple or share on online platforms. 

Self-improvement Tools

  For long-term benefits that go beyond time management, utilize apps that improve your well-being and encourage self-development, such as Headspace, a popular app packed with daily meditation practices. Also, consider the Intellect app for a better mentality and Loop for keeping good habits.

Selecting Your Apps

  You can manage your time more efficiently by choosing a limited combination of apps that both resonate with you in terms of features and usability and help you with the areas where you struggle the most, such as the provided suggestions for prioritizing to-do lists, managing deadlines, collaborating with your team, sharpening your focus, reducing time spent procrastinating, improving your mental well-being, or running your business more efficiently. Get started by visiting the diverse portfolio of apps built by JG Mobile Apps, where you may find even more useful time-saving solutions. 


Image via Pexels.