Major Trends in Mobile Apps

It comes as no surprise that mobile apps have been reshaping business for years now and have become an essential part of the eCommerce ecosystem. Regardless of what the business is, every organization benefits from app technology to maximize growth and audience reach. With the evolution of smartphones alone, it became easier for millions of users in no time at all.


AI makes apps smarter


Not only does AI (artificial intelligence) make apps smarter, it also saves a lot of money for companies. Think about how companies have leveraged chatbots. According to Gartner, chatbots will have saved companies about $8 billion between 2018 and 2020.


AI will integrate with apps for more enhanced voice assistance to users in customer support circles. Think of Google’s introduction of Duplex. This AI program can make calls on behalf of humans and will accept calls from humans looking to book appointments with local businesses.




IoT (Internet of Things) has become an industry unto itself. This technology allows people to control the non-IT equipment near them via remote controls in apps. This convenience has become essential to the user’s lives and making developers keep up the pace of making apps IoT friendly. Smart home devices are a perfect example of IoT devices. To learn more about smart home technology and how it can help you, I invite you to go here and here as well.


Wearable apps


Most tech giants now offer some type of wearable device, including smartwatches and fitness bands as the most popular. Most of these devices operate on their own OS keeping to a true mobile operating system. Developers will need to consider wearable devices separately when choosing the platform for their applications. Integration with smartphones will also need to be built-in.


Business Insider holds true to their claim that the wearable market for these devices will increase at least 35 percent by the end of 2019.