How To Overcome Programmer Burnout

Are you experiencing burnout? What is burnout exactly? 


“Did you find that you are losing passion for coding? Did you find the spark of motivation is now missing somewhere for coding? Did you find that you are overloading yourself with so many tasks but you are not achieving anything due to so much stuff? There are so many tabs open in your browser but you can’t concentrate. Well, these all symptoms are the sign of burnout in programming.” -Geeks For Geeks


I have been going through burnout lately without even realizing what it is. For whatever reason, I couldn’t focus on my projects the way I’ve done in the past. It was as if someone stole my motivation right under me. I would stare at the code and have no desire to do anything. 


After questioning what was going on, I’ve done a few techniques to hit that reset button in my own unique way. 


Detox Your Body, Mind, and Soul


Our bodies are over-consumed by heavy metals, chemicals, chemtrails, toxins, and pollen in our air and modified foods. Because of this, we need to detox it out. For whatever reason, it seems our gov wants to make humans extinct with all these poisons.


“The world is being polluted in so many ways with heavy metals, mostly due to human contamination, that it is affecting the health of so many people. All these diagnoses should go on to make us aware of the adverse effects that are being caused by these metals, the symptoms that are seen, and ways to remove some of the contamination we have from all the heavy metals.” – Science Direct


“Overall, the correlation analysis found multiple significant correlations of severity of autism and the urinary excretion of toxic metals, such that a higher body burden of toxic metals was associated with more severe autistic symptoms. The results of the regression analyses (P < .005 in all cases) indicate that variations in the severity of autism may be partially explained in terms of toxic metal body burden. However, the finding of a relationship does not establish causality.” – National Center for Biotechnology Information


Rumor has it, wild blueberries are great at removing heavy metals from brain tissue. I have personally benefited from wild blueberries but have no hard evidence to show or prove. In America, all the healthy herbs and alternative medicines are hidden from the citizens, which leads us to experiment for ourselves if it works or not. Spirulina and chlorella effectively remove heavy metals from the body; however, it upsets my stomach.


Detoxing our bodies help us think better and have more energy to follow our dreams. Is having too many toxins the cause of burnout? While it’s not the root cause of burnout, it wouldn’t hurt to detox so that the body can function better.


Remove Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) From Your House


I have been sucked into the Apple ecosystem and had to get Apple’s AirPod Pro headset. This thing is convenient. The AirPods automatically switch from listening to music on the Mac to answering my iPhone calls. I can listen to music all over my house, despite my Mac or iPhone left in another room. 


The AirPods are not like the other Bluetooth headsets I’ve used in the past, as these things have a stronger signal. A stronger signal also means higher risks for human health that we aren’t aware of.


Months after using the Apple AirPods Pro, I realized my mental focus has been more challenging, and I feel off. Several studies show how Bluetooth is not good for us, much like putting our cellular phones next to our bodies


One thing I love about Apple products is they hold it’s value better than other manufacturers. I sold my AirPods on eBay and switched to a wired Apple headset. 


This one is hard but try to eliminate as much EMF exposure as possible. Keep phones away from your body and use ethernet cables for computer internet instead of Wifi. Having too many devices can bog us down.


Get Moving, Exercise Often


Need I say more? Get off the couch and sweat. Even if you are not losing weight, sweating helps eliminate all the bad stuff from your skin.


Get Out In Nature


Leave your electronic devices at home and go out in nature. Stay in a cabin over the weekend, go for a walk, do something that excites you, and meditate to clear your mind. 


“Studies show that both adults and children who have difficulties focusing or controlling impulses are better able to concentrate after being in nature. The natural world allows our brains to take a break from all that mentally drains us, and even reduces symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).” –




Are you feeling burned out? Lack motivation? Try getting out in nature and unplug from electronics. Take a weekend off or maybe even a full week off to rewind. Help your body do its thing by detoxing heavy metals and limiting exposure to EMF’s. Get your body moving by exercising and staying active every week. 


Taking these steps should help get your mind back up and running.