6 Ways to Be More Creative

Do you wonder how to be more creative? When our job or business requires fresh ideas, and we cannot come up with anything unique, our jobs can become very stressful. How can we get out of our funk and come up with fresh ideas? Here are some methods that may help get your creativity up and running.


  1. Take a walk in nature.


Sometimes all it really takes to get the juices flowing is by taking a walk. Walking has been said to improve creativity. If walking in nature is not available where you live, that’s okay, just get outdoors. 


If you have access to nature and can go on nature walks, I would highly recommend it. Taking walks in nature and seeing the beauty of greenery has an effect on our minds. Carolyn Gregoire, a senior writer at the Huffington Post, explains the benefits of doing such, including how it boosts creativity.


Taking alone walks can quiet our minds and filter ideas and thoughts that pass through. What about walking with someone else? This can help generate ideas to brainstorm with other friends. Talking out ideas is an excellent method of getting the juices flowing. Have you tried this before?


  1. Eat blueberries.


This may not be known to some, but eating blueberries helps us to be more creative. I include blueberries in my daily smoothies. I didn’t notice any difference until after taking a break from smoothies for a few weeks to starting up consuming them again on my daily routines. It really does make a difference. Blueberries have antioxidants that help our brain improve memory and focus. Nothing can be more important than enhancing our ability to focus.


  1. Listen to binaural beats.


Binaural beats are used today in many forms. Such uses help people in sports, reduce anxiety, help with pain management, help focus, become more productive, and increase creativity. Binaural beats can be used for almost anything, and the best part is they are freely available to us all online. All it takes is a simple YouTube search. 


Learn more about how binaural beats work here.


  1. Get plenty of rest.


How many hours did you sleep last night? Was it at least 8 hours? According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, “In America, 70% of adults report that they obtain insufficient sleep at least one night a month, and 11% report insufficient sleep every night.” Getting proper sleep has to be one of the top priorities. Our ability to be productive in the days ahead depends on if we get adequate rest or not. Our body is a machine. If we do not get proper sleep and proper food, our body cannot function as intended. How would you expect to get anything done if you don’t take care of the body? Take care of your body, and it will take care o you. When your body is rested, creativity will come.


  1. Exercise, get your energies up.


When was the last time you exercised? Get up and get moving! What is the link between exercise and creativity? After we have a good workout, our body releases feel-good hormones. We also feel good, energized, and confident through the roof. This positive energy, as a result of working out, makes our body perfect for being creative. 


  1. Meditate to clear your mind.


Sitting down in a comfortable position. The room is quiet, soft music playing in the background, eyes closed. 30 minutes have passed by. You feel bliss. Does this sound familiar? If conditions are just right, meditation can feel amazing. Can meditation make us more creative? I believe so. The perfect formula in meditation is focusing on our thoughts and using our brain to think. Over time this is a great technique that helps us become more aware and can use tactics to brainstorm new ideas. 


Wait, where do new ideas come from? Do new ideas come from guardian angels? Spirit? Heavenly father? I was playing my guitar the other day with no agenda except for the sake of just jamming. The result of it came out a complete song. I don’t know where this new song came from or what just happened, but I just happened to play an amazing riff for the verse, chorus, and bridge. It all flowed perfectly together. I still do not know what happened. However, I know that I was open to trying new ways of playing the guitar than I usually am. This has to be the same principle for coming up with new ideas for apps, software, business, products, or any other creative venture we dive into. 


Meditation helps us slow down, clear out the clutter in our minds, and be open to new ideas. This is how meditation can help. Have you experienced this before?




Coming up with creative ideas can seem impossible at times. It is as if our creative abilities just dry up. Luckily there are ways we can go about getting that spark going again. We went over the benefits of walking in nature and how it can do more than just spark our creative side. Eating blueberries are a great way to help our brain function. Listen to binaural beats contribute quite effectively. Ensuring we meet proper rest for optimal performance. Exercise to get our body moving, joints free, and confidence high. Last but not least, meditation. Meditate to clear the mind, flex our thinking abilities, be open to new ideas, and feel amazing while doing it. 


What are your thoughts?