How Relocating Will Change Your Life

“Your world is about to open up to you. So, embrace the excitement and accept the challenges…” -Unknown.


Ever dream of relocating? I have relocated to 10 different cities and lived in 3 other states in my lifetime. Many people tend to stay within the exact city boundaries where they grew up and won’t move away for whatever reason, and that’s okay. However, I need change, and if I cannot relocate, I often rearrange my house. My soul desires change to help energy flow and keep my creativity alive. I have always had this burning desire to be innovative, create things, plan, and perform in non-traditional ways. My writing style is different; my thinking process can seem esoteric as I have an Aquarius mind. 


“Yes, Aquarius minds think differentlyThey each think differently from each other. They think differently from the rest of us. They demonstrate originality in thought, concept and action… and it can be delightful. It can also be spectacular. It can also be baffling.”


I am mentioning this because we each have our spiritual gifts, our way of letting our energy flow. For me, moving and traveling help my energy flow, it is what keeps me feeling alive, and my creativity stays on fire. I see myself being in the Magician stereotype. I always had this knack for creating things growing up; now, I am at a stage where I can take my creative passions to a whole new level.


Benefits of Moving Away


First and foremost, for me, relocating and traveling to new places helps spark my creativity. I just relocated to Lakeside, Arizona, which is up around 6,300 elevations. It is beautiful with nature, elk, cold weather, and snow. I love the cold weather, and I’m the guy who wears a shirt and shorts despite the temperatures being 40 outside. I always say my body must have come with a heater because I can handle cold weather better than most. I do have 195 lbs of muscle and 80 lbs of body fat. I give props to my body muscle for keeping me warm. The trees and nature help clear my mind and stay open. I used to commute to visit nature, whereas now I live in a cabin surrounded by nature. Life is good!


“The most important relationship in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.” -Diane Von Furstenberb


Moving to a foreign city will do wonders for you. You will learn more about yourself. You will be able to face your fears. See how you can handle challenges and live on your own. Starting fresh in a foreign city is a brand new start, a way to start over. There is a new environment, new friends, new coworkers. It is a second chance at life. 


After you start to meet people from different parts of the country, you should realize everyone genuinely wants to help one another. It is the different cultures, gender, religion, politics, and skin color that divide us. If you act like me and ignore all that, you can see the good in people. You start to appreciate life more and more. 


You learn from your mistakes along the way. You may fail, but that is okay. Failing means you are trying. When we were babies growing up, how many times did we fall while learning to walk? People often make fun of millionaires because of their failures. The people who laugh at other people’s failures are the ones who don’t try to do anything in life. They gave up on their dreams. They know this, which is why they have so many hateful things to say to successful individuals. After a friend gets married, one common phrase is that someone will remark, “I’ll give it five months before the divorce.” These people serve no good to us as friends, family, or to the community. The best reaction we can do towards them is simple, ignore it. Other people’s opinions of us are none of our business. It doesn’t mean it is true, doesn’t define us, and is therefore irrelevant. Failure happens throughout our lifetime, in all stages of life. Embrace it, learn the lessons, improve, and move on. Do you think failure is scary? What about the people who don’t even try at all? For me, that is scary.


You gain more wisdom by moving away. You experience life to the fullest. What more can you ask for?


Pitfalls of Living in the Same ‘Ol City


My soul desires change. Imagine what life would be like if I just stayed in the same city, the same house, for over ten years? Will, I not create software? Would I not lift a finger because I have become complacent? Energy won’t flow, creativity would be stagnant. My body would stay on autopilot as everything is familiar and everything is predictable. When life becomes too easy, too predictable, we die inside.


Can you imagine looking back at your life and realizing all you did while on earth was work and pay bills? You were chosen as one of the so many lucky souls who were granted access to earth, right? And since you were granted access, all you did was stay in the same old city all your life? What would you tell yourself after realizing that is all you did after this lifetime? Would you regret it? If so, now is the time to change. Make something of your life, my friend. It is never too late for anything. We all hold the Magician stereotype within us, we are creators, and we can change the world for the better. Most of us won’t be Elon Musk but we can at least work towards our goals of becoming great people in our own way. 




Relocating to another city or state will do wonders for you. If it is just you alone, or even with a family, do it! It will challenge you, you will get exercise moving, but it will be worth it in the end. You will have new and different experiences. I believe we came here on earth to experience life. If that is true, what better way to experience life than by moving to a new city or state throughout your life? Learn new cultures, learn new weather patterns, adjust and adapt to your new surroundings. Most importantly, enjoy your life.