If you wonder which Mac to buy with the M1 chip, it doesn’t matter as the performance is about the same. In my opinion, the MacBook Pro 13-inch vs. Mac mini vs. iMac 24″ M1’s, are the same, just different exterior look and feel. I didn’t have a positive experience with the Mac mini M1, as I had Bluetooth issues, and it kept crashing, as noted in my last review here. I like the new iMac 24″ M1 in green design, but I cannot get past the fact that the border is white. I feel that the white screen border would distract me after long hours of reading/writing code. That leaves us with the last option. As you would have guessed, yes, I upgrade to the 2020 MacBook Pro 13-inch M1




The performance is about the same as the entry-level Mac mini M1 I previously owned. It is everything I’d expect a Mac to be. It’s fast, reliable, and the best part of all is, it’s a portable computer. I can take this anywhere. I am planning on traveling, so this is perfect.


The ports, or lack thereof


Apple #DongleLife


Yes, I have officially joined the #DongleLife. It is not ideal, but I am learning to live with it. The only drawback of this hub is Xcode does not recognize iPhones or iPads when they are connected. They need to be plugged directly into the computer’s USB-C port, not through the hub. Other than that, it seems the USB-C hub has solved Apple’s issues of not providing us with enough ports to use the computer. 


Touch Bar


After experiencing the touch bar for the first time, I fell in love with it. I like how we can listen to YouTube and pause/play while using another app. We can adjust the screen brightness, slide through the duration of videos and songs quickly, and so many other cool features you have to experience yourself. All these small features help users stay productive throughout the day. 


Does Apple Provide Power Adapter with MacBook Pro?


Yes! I am glad Apple still provides this power adapter. Unfortunately, they gave up on including one for new iPhones as I recently bought a new power adapter separately from the latest iPhone. I had this same question as I was deciding which Mac to purchase.

For future iPhones, please provide power adapters to your customers, Apple. Thank you.


List of my accessories




No matter which M1 Mac you buy, I’d personally get one that is either an iMac or a MacBook Pro. Both of these are all-in-one computers. The Mac mini M1 is just as fast, but I think my external monitor was causing the Mac mini to crash for some odd reason. Apple has done a fantastic job at optimizing its software to work beautifully with its hardware. That is why I’d stick with either an iMac or MacBook Pro moving forward. The MacBook Pro M1 has been everything I expected. The only headache is we only have 2 USB-C ports available. 

Wealth creation, financial freedom, and, eventually, generational wealth — that timeline sounds like a dream, right? Passive income refers to money that requires no effort to accumulate. It’s a wealth creation strategy that involves upfront investment and continued effort leading to eventual steady financial growth.


Maybe you make more than enough at your 9-5 job — passive income is still for you. It can make you money in your sleep, helping you reach your financial goals that much faster. With passive revenue streams you’ll have freedom, flexibility, and, most importantly, a fallback — because truly, anything can happen. COVID, unemployment, voluntary time off work? Passive income streams will have your back while granting you immeasurable financial security and peace of mind.


As a freelancer, you’re probably used to utilizing multiple streams of revenue. Ready to see that money flow in for years and years to come? Read on.


1. Stock Market Investing


A little goes a long way with stocks. What is essential here is time so that your investments mature through the power of compound interest. Warren Buffet swears by the buy-and-hold strategy. Buy your dividends, ETFs, and shares, and don’t sell until you absolutely have to. You’ll also make some additional cash each financial quarter through dividend payouts, which is always an added bonus.


2. Affiliate Marketing


This revenue stream is set to exceed the $8 billion mark by 2022, with exponential growth predicted. What is it? Essentially, you promote the retailer’s services or products, and they give you a commission for every sale. This is especially great for those with a built-up network on social media platforms but will work equally well for those wanting to monetize their blog, podcast, or email newsletters. Build up trust with your audience, promote items you genuinely love and watch the affiliate money come flying in.


3. Print-on-Demand Items


E-commerce is the hot ticket, and one of the rising contenders in the passive income world is creating a print-on-demand store. With this option, you’re able to design custom graphics and get them printed on items like t-shirts, clothing, mugs, bags, and more. After building up a shop with a bunch of designs, you’ll get a percentage of the income every time one of your designs ships and sells. This opportunity is unique in that you can crank out all the work in a short period of time, never open the print-on-demand platform again, and still have revenue rolling in.


4. Dropshipping


The dropshipping model is similar to a standard business model except you’re outsourcing the manufacturing, production, and delivery to other sellers. Simply create a website, decide on a niche, and find sellers who will manufacture your products at a good profit margin. It’s then your responsibility to use ads and other means to get views and conversions to sales. Easily the most lucrative (yet demanding) option; you will need a backup for this one — or, at least, a very extensive skillset. Graphic designers, writers, developers, and product sources are all resources you’ll need to refer to, in addition to handling the overall business.


Hiring other freelancers for this work is ideal as it’ll keep you focused on the important bit: making profits. An online payroll platform like QuickBooks comes in handy when trying to organize your team of freelancers as it comes with intuitive features, including direct deposit. You won’t have to deal with paper checks, which is a godsend when working with folks remotely. It’s also the most efficient way to keep track of hours logged and ensure your hard workers get their money on time — just set up payroll early in the day and the funds will be waiting for them on the same day.


Want some more passive income ideas? Create an app, make an online course, sell your stuff, write an eBook, flip websites, sell your videos — with the internet at your disposal, the options really are endless! There’s no entry barrier or minimum payout standing between and your goal of financial freedom. So, get out there, get creative, and make some money. Future you will thank you for it. Take a look at JG’s app portfolio to see how it’s done.

Although this may not be related to apps and tech, it is a personal experience that may be interesting to some readers. Why the big move to Yuma, you ask? It was a time for much-needed change. After being without electricity for seven days in Texas and experiencing bad storms, thoughts about life and purpose kept creeping up. What am I doing here? My productivity is interrupted during these intense storms in Texas with hail and tornado warnings. I had enough and have relocated to sunny Arizona on April 21st. Although it gets brutally hot here, at least I can sustain my daily productivity and not worry about tornadoes. Also, reliable weather means better productivity. It’s a win-win. For those curious about what to expect when relocating here, I have some tips for you.


Internet portrays Yuma as a horrible place to live. Is that true?


When I first arrived in Yuma, Arizona, I was shocked. Not in a bad way, but just shocked at how nice it is. My thoughts are maybe all those Karen’s who complain about it have a negative outlook in life and paint the picture as Yuma is all doom and gloom. I consider myself to be very optimistic. Everything is a block away from each other. The grocery stores, parks, Colorado river, fast food, and gas stations are all within a 5 to 15-mile radius. I do not need to drive on the freeway as everything is so close.


The people here are friendly, and I think this is a great small town to live in. One thing to consider is there is nothing to do here. Main attractions are going swimming, mini-golf, bowling, and shopping. Since my main focus is creating software and self-improvement, that does not bother me much. Another benefit of living here is, San Diego beaches are only a 2-hour drive. That will be beneficial when wanting to escape the 115-degree summer heat. 


The Yuma Snowbirds


They come from the north, and they seek warmth during the wintertime. They also like to drive very, very slow. We are talking 25 mph on 45 mph roads. Unfortunately, slow and bad drivers are everywhere. However, in Yuma, we have to pay a little more careful attention to these older drivers. Not much we can do about it. 


How to Stay Cool During Yuma Arizona Summers?


I have not experienced the summers yet, but I have come prepared. Rumor has it the brutal heat is June through August every year. The equipment I’m using to keep my place cold:


  1. Home central A/C.
  2. Cover windows.
  3. Fan for every room.
  4. Portable A/C.
  5. USB Humidifier.
  6. Humidity monitor.


What to wear to protect yourself from the brutal sun:


  1. Hat.
  2. Neck gaiters.


What about your car?


  1. Windshield sunshade.
  2. Get window tints on all back windows.
  3. Rain guards, aka vent visors.
  4. Auto insurance with zero down deductible for windshield replacement. 


If you are curious why we need zero down deductible for windshields, that is because we have rocks and brutal heat. Open your car windows slightly to prevent windows from cracking when the temperatures get over 100. Rain guards will allow you to crack your windows slightly open, even when it rains. 


Are you planning on relocating to Yuma, Arizona? Want to come here for a vacation getaway? Whatever the occasion I hope this gives you some ideas on what to expect. 


If you are new here, be sure to check out all our available apps on our homepage.




Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


It has been a while since I wrote about my experience with the 2020 Mac Mini M1 computer. It has been about six months of owning this machine. The best part of it is the performance. Unfortunately, I have run into a very annoying issue. Well, there are two significant flaws in the machine that has caused more than headaches. 


Bluetooth does not work.


I do not know what the deal is, but the Bluetooth just isn’t working for me. To use external speakers, I have to use an aux cable or corded headphones. I just brushed it off, thinking Apple would release an update to fix this issue only to find no solution in sight. 


Mac Mini keeps crashing every time I put her to sleep.


I usually set my machine to sleep at night with my work open to continue the next day. Everything worked fine until a few weeks after owning the device. That was when it first started crashing. It constantly crashes when set to sleep mode or inactive past 15 minutes now. I’ve sent over 50 debug reports to Apple regarding these crashes. Using the latest macOS Big Sur Version 11.3.1, it still crashes. Thoughts kept coming if I should return this device. That was until I found a solution that worked for me.


How to keep the 2020 Mac Mini M1 from crashing?


My workaround to keep my computer from crashing is simple. I am using an app from the App Store named, Owly. I recommend you try it out. This app has made my experience with the Mac Mini so much better. 


Enable the app and set it for “Eternity”. This will keep your Mac on 24/7. 


Here I can set my Mac into sleep mode and continue my work without it crashing upon waking up. I have not had one crash since.


I hope that Apple has a fix for this, and I do not have the same experience when I upgrade to the next MacBook Pro that is rocking the M1X chip.


Other than those two big annoyances, this machine is solid.