The Future of the App Industry – Multi-experience

Future of the App Industry

In a recent survey by Gartner, the future of app development rests with multi-experience. This is based on user application touchpoints, changes in modalities, and the expansion of device types coming to market.   Enterprise applications   Regardless of the popularity of browser-based application touchpoints, mobile device apps are continuously on the rise. Smartwatches, smartphones, … Read more

Agile’s Role in Mobile Application Development

Agile In App Development

What is Agile?   Agile methodology is a practice used to promote continuous iteration of development and testing in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) of a project. Think of these iterations as sprints. Each one takes you to the next as you work to completing the project.   Agile roles   Research: The goal here … Read more

Major Trends in Mobile Apps

Trends in Mobile Apps

It comes as no surprise that mobile apps have been reshaping business for years now and have become an essential part of the eCommerce ecosystem. Regardless of what the business is, every organization benefits from app technology to maximize growth and audience reach. With the evolution of smartphones alone, it became easier for millions of … Read more

Which One is Best – PWA vs Native Apps

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Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is the bridge between mobile and web applications. They are built upon using standard web technologies. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are used to provide an app-like experience to the user. eCommerce businesses favor PWAs due to their app-like user experience, offline features, and high-performance capabilities.   Key Features of PWAs Reliable … Read more