App Stores Reject Christian Prayer App – Pushback from Tech Companies or Other Forces

Update: There has been developments since I posted this article. Google has locked me out of the [email protected] e-mail account. The good news is I moved the prayer request feature to an e-mail address that I’m in control of. No one can shut it down. The new e-mail is [email protected]. The new e-mail will be listed in the next app update after I fight back and forth with Apple.

I created a 100% free Christian prayer app for iPhone/iPad and Mac Computers on December 2019. This app has no analytics, no tracking, no advertisements, just 100% free prayer app. It let’s you create individual prayers, save them to your device, share them among friends, creates group prayers, and export them via CSV and text files.

It seems for whatever reason, every single time I attempt to update my free app, they always reject it. It is always something, always pushback from Apple. Every other app update gets rejected for petty reasons.

I wish I kept all the rejection e-mails since 2019. I even got rejected the first time I attempted to publish the app on the Mac App Store. The iPhone/iPad version went through just fine.

The latest app update rejection is for a feature that displays a message prompt if the user hasn’t set up his/her e-mail app yet. When tapped on “Request A Prayer” the app opens up your e-mail app and auto-fills my e-mail address where we accept prayer requests, right? Well, if your device hasn’t set up the e-mail app yet, it won’t work so the app instead displays a message saying:

Title: Uh-oh
Message: Unable to open/send e-mail. E-mail address is [email protected]

This free prayer app was available for iPhone/iPads and Mac computers. However, my project source code for the Mac application was corrupted. I have had my software files on computers and backup hard drives since the year 2012. Not once have I had a corrupted project file, EVER. But, for whatever reason, the project files were corrupted for my free Mac prayer app. I had no choice but to delete it from the Mac App Store. I’m going to have to re-write the whole mac app again.

The frustrating thing is this is taking a lot of my time. This is something I’m doing for free and I’m getting so much pushback from Apple and issues with the project files which is strange. Makes me think that tech companies and or other forces just don’t want this thing released. Just for the pushback, I think I’ll create more apps around this. What do you think I should do? Gosh, I haven’t even got it on Google Play Store yet or even Microsoft yet. I can only imagine. If you want this prayer app to be published I will re-write it for Mac and also publish it on Google and Microsoft. I’m not going to lie, I need some help though, let me know if this is something YOU want by buying me a cup of coffee or two

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One major con of publishing apps on these top App Stores is we developers are at their mercy. If they don’t like a feature we have or the way we word things, or they want to kill software competition, all they have to do is reject our app. This is done quietly, with no publicity, no awareness, nothing. This is the risk we take as developers by publishing software on these App Stores. I had an app rejected because they didn’t like my wording for what I said about the bug fixes I corrected. They provided one or two approved sentences I could choose from instead.

I do admit, they help us in a lot of ways. Until we have a revolutionary app or feature then it seems tech companies butt heads with developers. I created Jot Pronto, a notepad app for Mac computers. One of the cool features is being able to reposition the app to the left, center, right, top, and bottom of the screen, right? I thought it was a cool feature. The next thing I realize Apple released the same feature on its OS windows a couple of months later. If you position the mouse over the green icon on any Mac window, it shows you can reposition the window left or right. Also, the free icons Apple released for every developer to use has the same custom icons I created for Jot Pronto.

The risks we take as developers I guess. It seems everyone steals from everyone else, even if they are a major tech company.